Art Hanging Systems supply and install picture hanging systems and professionally hang pictures, artworks and displays in both residential and commercial environments. We also supply art hanging systems to builders and developers for large scale developments.

We are an authorised distributor for the Artiteq range of products. Artiteq was founded in Tilburg, The Netherlands in 1995, and their art and picture hanging systems can be found in galleries, corporations and private residences across the world.

Our focus is on providing you with easy to install, highly flexible and a professional quality hanging systems to protect and display your valuable artworks and pictures in whatever setting you desire.

If you’re after a stylish and affordable art hanging system that will work with your space, browse our store for the solution that fits your needs.


Art Hanging Systems Offers Services as Professional Art Installers

Art Hanging Systems offers fully customised installation of our products that include displaying pictures and other work as professional art installers. We provide both turnkey solutions and fully customised installation for schools, museums, corporations, government departments and even residences, to ensure the setup of your next exhibition goes smoothly. In addition to the systems we sell and install, we also offer equipment hire with our professional art installation service for temporary exhibitions.  Read more.

Art Hanging Systems Provides Professional Picture Installers

Art Hanging System has made it simple for our clients to exhibit artwork in galleries, schools, government buildings and more for over a decade as professional picture installers. Whether you need a permanent hanging system for your exhibition space or are putting together a temporary show, we have options that will meet your needs while displaying your artwork and pictures securely. Our experienced team can help you create an exhibition that will wow your visitors. Read more 

Put Your Best Image Forward with Our Professional Art Hanging Service

Offices, restaurants, and art galleries all need a professional art hanging service to present beautiful artwork throughout their buildings. Whether you’re showcasing artwork for sale, as your organisation’s main focus, or simply to add another level of culture to your workplace, Art Hanging Systems has the perfect blend of experience, insight, and taste to ensure that your space looks its best. Read more

Enliven Your Home with Our Professional Picture Hanging in Sydney

Homeowners throughout Australia strive to create a comfortable, welcoming place to return from work and school, so picture hanging in Sydney homes is one elegant way to enhance the atmosphere. Art Hanging Systems has a team of well-trained, professional picture hangers who come to your home and provide a personalised service, including the equipment you’ll need to display your pictures and artwork. Read more

Professional Picture Hanging in Melbourne for a Polished Look

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are creating a new art exhibit, professional picture hanging in Melbourne is an excellent way to ensure that your art is displayed beautifully and safely. At Art Hanging Systems, we offer art hanging in Melbourne for a range of applications, including private collectors, schools, museums, corporations, government buildings, and more. Professional picture hanging and installation of exhibit equipment with an artistic eye can help you achieve the aesthetic you’re going for. Read more

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