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Art Hanging Systems offers a total package of services that includes: temporary wall hire, hire and installation of full hanging systems and exhibtion lighting.

From turnkey solutions to fully customised installation, from schools to museums and corporates to government departments, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure the set-up of your next exhibition goes smoothly.

Some of the many clients we have worked with include:
Bell Shakespeare Company
Balmain Public School


    Find Temporary Exhibition Walls for Hire at Art Hanging Solutions

    Many museums and other spaces have traditionally built permanent exhibits, but in recent years, more and more organisations and private collectors are choosing temporary exhibition walls for hire. Temporary exhibition walls and permanent structures both offer their unique advantages, and temporary walls are growing in popularity as people discover their usefulness. At Art Hanging Systems, we provide a range of temporary and modular walls for hire to help you complete your next exhibit cost-effectively and sustainably. 

    Benefits of Temporary Exhibition Wall Hire

    Museums have typically designed and built permanent exhibits, but this mindset is beginning to shift. As people understand the environmental impacts of starting from scratch every few years with new materials, they’re seeking out modern solutions that are friendlier to the earth, such as temporary exhibition panels. How can something temporary be a better option than something permanent? Here are a few ways.

    Temporary walls can be more cost-effective. Permanent exhibits can be quite expensive to build. Temporary or modular walls can be more budget-friendly, especially when you consider that they can be reconfigured and even relocated over time to adapt to your changing needs.

    Temporary walls are flexible. Permanent exhibits can and do become dated over time, meaning that they’ll have to be scrapped and replaced. These types of exhibitions are often thrown out before they’re worn out. Temporary walls, on the other hand, can be rearranged to suit your current needs and preferences.

    Temporary walls offer more opportunities to draw in your community. Because you can update temporary exhibition panels with each new temporary exhibition, you have more opportunities to attract members of your community with varied interests. 

    No one solution’s right for everyone. Often, a blend of permanent and temporary exhibition walls is the right solution. 

    Tips Regarding Exhibition Wall Hire

    Whether you are designing a permanent or temporary exhibit, there are several considerations to help ensure that it’s a success. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

    Have an audience in mind. Before you can design a successful exhibit, you have to know who your audience is. Creating specific visitor personas is an effective way to achieve this. Consider the demographics of the surrounding area and for whom you think your subject matter will be the most interesting and engaging. Tailor your exhibit toward these personas.

    Tell stories. The art of exhibit storytelling is the best way to make your visitors feel fully immersed in art or history. Resist the temptation to focus only on one broad story per exhibit; instead, look for the stories within the story. Signage is an essential tool that can help you tell specific, detailed stories about individual pieces and how they fit into your display’s broader framework.

    Create a linear flow. You can use your exhibition walls and your artwork to create a show with linear flow – just like telling a story. Design your experience to “walk” visitors through your story, from beginning to middle to end. Every part of your display should have a sense of time, especially when your exhibit is about history, evolution, or inventions. You can use graphics, signage, labels, sounds, and other interactive technology to help you immerse your guests in the flow of your exhibit. 

    About Art Hanging Systems

    At Art Hanging Systems, we are passionate about helping our customers achieve successful exhibits through the use of permanent and temporary exhibition walls, art hanging solutions, and art storage systems. Choose from our range of products and services to create the experience you want to provide for your visitors. Contact Art Hanging Solutions today to learn more.

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