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Looking for Better Art Hanging Solutions? Give Our Systems a Try

Are you looking for art hanging solutions that look more professional or offer more flexibility than standard options? At Art Hanging Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality, gallery-ready art hanging systems on the market. Whether you are hanging art in an actual gallery or merely looking for a better way to display art at home, we can help.


Benefits of Our Art Hanging Solutions

What makes Art Hanging Systems the right place to shop when you’re looking to display a piece of art worth thousands of dollars? Here are a few benefits of choosing us and one of the systems we offer:

Their flexibility. The biggest reason to use our art hanging systems is their flexibility. Every hanging solution we sell is some variation of an art hanging rail system. The rail system is beneficial because it allows you to move your artwork from one position to the next without any difficulty, or to adjust the system to suit artwork of different sizes. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt your gallery space as you acquire more art, swap out exhibits or move things around.

Their proven results. We don’t design the art hanging rail products we sell. Instead, we are an authorised distributor for the Artiteq range, a brand based in The Netherlands that has been operating for 25 years. Artiteq is a brand with proven results in the world of artwork display, and their products are the go-to art and picture hanging solutions for art galleries, art enthusiasts and interior decorators around the world.

Their look. Of course, the only reason to invest in an art rail system (or any art hanging solution for that matter) is to have something that looks terrific in whatever space you choose to install it. Artiteq’s products fit that description: the rail systems themselves are unobtrusive, but allow for straight, level, secure hanging of photos and artwork.


Key Questions to Ask Art Hanging Systems about Your Next Art Hanging Rail

At Art Hanging Systems, we are here to help you achieve the art display that you desire. Here are a few questions you can ask us to make sure you get the right product:

‘Which art rail system is right for me?’ We have a wide range of products, so far-reaching that customers sometimes find it a bit daunting to shop our selection. Feel free to ask us for recommendations, especially if you are visiting our store in Marrickville.

‘Where can I see these systems in action?’ Sometimes, the best way to get a sense of how our systems work is to see them for yourself. Again, you are welcome to visit our Marrickville showroom. We also have resellers in Adelaide, Cairns, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and are happy to point you in the right direction.

‘Where can I research this type of system?’ Want to learn everything there is to know about the art hanging solutions we sell? We’ve taken care to provide online resources that provide all the relevant details of our systems, including built-in, wall-fixed and ceiling-fixed variations. Our  ‘How to Choose’ guide for help with picking out the right art hanging rail system.

If you want to speak with a representative about one of these enquiries, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly.


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