Gallery Hanging System

What to Look for When Selecting a Gallery Hanging System

A gallery hanging system is an essential tool for a space where you hope to exhibit art regularly but finding one that’s suitable for your area isn’t always an easy task. Whether you have a unique gallery space that offers some challenges or you need a more modular solution to adapt to your needs, Art Hanging Systems has suitable solutions. With products from leading manufacturers such as Artiteq, we take the hassle out of hanging. 


Problems That a Gallery Rail System from Art Hanging Systems Can Solve

Our unique systems, which are practically invisible to the casual observer, help to address several problems gallery owners commonly face. 

  • The challenges that arise when one exhibition ends, and it is time to begin planning the next one. Without a more robust gallery rail system, it can be costly and time-consuming to ready the space for your next showing. Repairing damage to walls repeatedly, can become expensive quickly and lead to more severe impacts further down the road. 
  • Keep hanging hardware out of sight and allow the art to speak for itself without any distractions. This is one of the most common concerns among gallery owners and art exhibitors; they do not want any outside factors influencing the perception of the piece. Our rail systems allow for hangings that look as though they float in mid-air. 
  • Difficulty creating the gallery layout or artistic arrangement you’d like to achieve. Combining a gallery picture rail system with modular walls by Mila-Wall can give your gallery many options when it comes to the most effective layouts for your exhibitors. This versatile system lasts for years and requires very little maintenance.

With our rail system, you can make and re-make your gallery space into whatever you like. 


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Gallery Picture Hanging Systems

How can you make the most of your investment in such a product? Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Measure carefully to ensure you order the proper equipment. Avoid the need to make exchanges or order more components due to a lack of adequate assessment. Choose your hanging system and select the appropriate number of 200cm or 300cm lengths necessary to cover the entirety of the space. 
  • Take the time to experiment with different configurations before ordering. Take digital photographs and use them to make mock-ups of your gallery space with new hanging hardware installed to determine where and how you’d like to place pieces.
  • Ask about our gallery exhibition equipment for hire. When you need additional hardware, but you do not want to invest in a permanent installation, our hire option is an excellent alternative. We offer a complete package, including installation, so all you need to do is sit back and allow our team to do the work. 


Can You Customise Your Order for Gallery Picture Rail Hanging Systems?

In terms of a custom setup, no, but that doesn’t mean our systems are inflexible. Instead, you create the customisations. Because these systems are highly adaptable and compatible with one another, combining them to fill a space is no trouble at all. To learn more about how these systems work, or for help placing an order now, please contact us today.


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