Picture Rail Hanging System

How to Select a Picture Rail Hanging System for Your Home

Adding a picture rail hanging system is an easy way to make any space in your home more versatile. With a simple way to hang up art or take things down as you like, changing your walls becomes as easy as moving your furniture. At Art Hanging Systems, we’re bringing innovative solutions into Australian homes with help from global leaders such as Artiteq. What should you know about these products?


Problems a Picture Hanging System from Art Hanging Systems Can Address

These systems are ideal for tackling tough situations around the house that can make decorating of the home a challenge. Our products help to address:

Difficulty reconciling your desire to hang art on your walls with your desire to keep the visuals of your space clean and free from unattractive hardware. Traditional solutions often require options that are not subtle in terms of how they support your paintings. When you want your art, mirrors, and other wall decorations to seem as though they float above the floor, our products offer the best alternative.

Concern about permanently placing a painting, mirror, or other decoration in one spot. What if you don’t want to damage your home by drilling anchors directly into the wall for a painting? If you might want to move it later, you will have holes to repair. Our hanging system allows you to move pieces without any additional installation work.

Problems with hanging decorations in rooms with many corners and walls, making it difficult to position pieces where you want them. Our systems feature a design intended to work well with edges, allowing you to quickly move a photograph around the corner to make room for something new. 


Tips Regarding Picture Rails

Ready to take the next steps? Keep these pointers in mind to make the best choice:

Choose a product that allows you to hang an appropriate amount of weight on the wall; you do not want to overburden your picture hanging rail system and cause a valued piece to fall. Our rails support up to 50kg per metre of track.

Choose between wall- and ceiling-mounted rails based on which will deliver the best stability in your home. Both sit very near to the ceiling to provide an “out of sight, out of mind” hanging solution for your home.

Choose a built-in system when you need the most concealment possible without compromising on the ability to hang heavy objects. These systems go above the ceiling in your space and offer an ideal option for office managers who must work in more challenging environments.


Why Art Hanging Systems is a Cost-Effective Choice for Picture Hanging Rails

Traditional hanging solutions are fraught with challenges. It is difficult to determine where to place anchors for a painting and keeping things level can be next to impossible. Because our products only require a simple out-of-the-way installation, centring and levelling decorations is now hassle-free. The result is less unnecessary damage to your home and fewer frustrations. Find the right system for your home now, or let us know if you have questions.


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