Introducing Mila Wall-meisters!

On a recent trip to Western Australia, Art Hanging Systems’ Director and Head Mila Wall-meister James Campbell, collaborated with the team at Exmouth Shire Council to build and install a state-of-the-art Mila Wall in the Aquatic and Discovery Centre.

Ningaloo Discovery Centre chose the Mila Wall for its sustainability, versatility and economic viability.
“The Mila Wall is an ideal long-term solution; it is designed to serve the constantly evolving nature of a gallery space”. – James Campbell, Australian Mila Wall Representative.

Although we always provide training videos as part of our service, these personalised training sessions take gallery installations to the next level.

Spring Time Style

The training provided an immersive installation experience, teaching the gallery team to better understand the placement and balancing of a Mila Wall within a gallery space, including the more in-depth aspects of handling, maintenance and construction.

The team at Ningaloo Discovery Centre are now fully equipped with the confidence and knowledge to install Mila Walls at their gallery in future.

The Ningaloo Gallery staff who participated have been added to our Mila Wall-meister Hall of Fame, joining the teams from treasured National galleries and museums such as Newcastle University, Mosman Regional Art Gallery, Australian National Maritime Museum, Powerhouse Museum, State Library of Western Australia and Western Australian Museum.

In celebration of another successful induction of Mila Wall-meisters, James took a dive into the Indian Ocean off the Coast of Western Australia to experience a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list goal of his; where he swam with one of natures’ most majestic creatures, the Whale Shark.

Describing it as ‘an underwater motion gallery’, James was fascinated to learn that the whale shark is not a mammal; it is in fact the world’s largest (known!) species of fish.

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