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Art Hanging Systems is the sole Australian distributor for mila-wall®, a modular wall system with countless possibilities.


Modules are quickly and easily assembled into multiple configurations with almost all building shapes possible.


Made for long-term use, these reskinable and repaintable, modules are constructed of repairable, recyclable materials.


With 200 surface finish options and numerous possible built-in features, the only limit is your imagination.


Modules are built in minutes, without mess and can be redeployed for massive build savings over many years.

Mila-wall® features
Mila-wall® installation
Mila-wall® Sol Le Witt Milla wall New York
Mila-wall® architectural system by MBA

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    Make Your Next Art Exhibition Shine with a Modular Wall System

    A modular wall system can allow you to manipulate your space to create the unique story you want to tell for your art exhibition. At Art Hanging Systems, we offer Mila-Wall systems, which require no contractor setup – these modular panels are designed for easy installation with no permits or major tools needed. 

    Benefits of Modular Walls

    Art Hanging Systems is the only distributor in Australia for Mila-Wall, the highly flexible modular wall system that allows you to create an endless array of designs. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing these walls for your exhibition.

    They’re versatile. Modular wall panels are easy and quick to assemble into a variety of configurations – the only limit is your imagination. They also come in hundreds of surface finish options and offer many different built-in features.

    They’re cost-effective. When you consider the build costs of permanent structures, it’s not hard to see that modular exhibition walls can indeed save you a significant amount of money. This is especially true because of how quickly and neatly modular wall systems are built and how many different layouts they suit.

    They’re sustainable. These walls are made with long-term use in mind. Because they are durable, repaintable, and reskinnable, you can change your whole look without purchasing all-new construction (which has to be manufactured from new materials). They are also made of recyclable materials and can be repaired rather than scrapped if something goes wrong. 

    Related Services We Provide to Modular Wall Panels

    Modular gallery walls are just one of the ways we serve our customers. Art Hanging Systems also offers a range of art hanging and storage solutions for a variety of organisations and situations.

    Art storage. Whether you own a gallery or have an extensive private collection, we can provide storage solutions designed to organise your art in attractive and space-efficient ways. We can custom build our modular art storage systems to your specifications and install them within hours. Choose from fixed or free-standing systems.

    Exhibition equipment hire. If you need a temporary exhibition setup, there’s no need to purchase equipment that you’ll use only once. We offer a total package of services, including the hire and installation of temporary walls and complete hanging systems as well as lighting for your exhibition. These services are ideal for museums, schools, corporate spaces, and more.

    Permanent art hanging solutions. If it isn’t modular but rather fixed art hanging or storage systems you’re looking for, we can help. We offer a range of solutions, such as wall attached (click rail, contour rail, combi rail), ceiling attached (top rail), and built-in (art strip, deco rail, ceiling recessed) display options.

    About Art Hanging Systems

    At Art Hanging Systems, we offer quality exhibition and storage solutions for private collectors, museums, schools, corporations, government buildings, and more. We can provide customised products and services for the display and exhibition of art in both commercial and residential environments. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your vision for your exhibition or to ask our advice on the best art hanging solutions for your event.

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