Top Rail

Top Rail

The Top Rail is a picture hanging system for ceilings. It is a subtle rail that fits any interior and is ideal for transforming ceiling systems into a virtually invisible picture-hanging spot. Your decorations will appear to hang straight from the ceiling.

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Installation Video


  • Comes in 200cm and 300cm lengths.
  • 3 colours: White, Black and Aluminium.
  • The rail is 14.3mm wide and 7mm deep.
  • Ceiling attached. Can be mounted onto the wooden side strip of a recessed ceiling or directly into a concrete ceiling.
  • Rail kit includes plugs and screws used to mount the rail onto the ceiling.

Create your starter pack

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  • Top Rail with Install Kit

    $18.52$30.10 Incl. GST
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  • Tiny horizontal surface attached rail
  • Can be mounted onto Plasterboard, timber and concrete ceilings, window frames & joinery
  • 1mm Twister Micro Hanger Kit

    $21.54$34.43 Incl. GST
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  • Our thinnest, least visible hanger
  • Nylon Perlon or cable option is almost invisible against wall
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • 1mm Micro Grip Hook

    $5.87 Incl. GST
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