Top Rail

Top Rail

The Top Rail is a picture hanging system for ceilings. It is a subtle rail that fits any interior and is ideal for transforming ceiling systems into a virtually invisible picture-hanging spot. Your decorations will appear to hang straight from the ceiling.

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  • Comes in 200cm and 300cm lengths.
  • 3 colours: White, Black and Aluminium.
  • The rail is 14.3mm wide and 7mm deep.
  • Ceiling attached. Can be mounted onto the wooden side strip of a recessed ceiling or directly into a concrete ceiling.
  • Rail kit includes plugs and screws used to mount the rail onto the ceiling.

Create your starter pack

it’s quick and easy
  1. Tiny surface attached rail- ceilings frames and windows
  2. Can be mounted onto Plasterboard, timber and concrete ceilings, window frames & joinery
  • Our thinnest, least visible hanger
  • Nylon Perlon or cable option is almost invisible against wall
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.

Ceiling-Mounted Picture Hanging Systems Make Life Easier

What could ceiling-mounted picture hanging systems bring to your home? Collecting art that you love is one of the best parts about owning your own space, and it's entirely up to you how to display your collection. Whether you enjoy admiring the pieces yourself or you want to impress your guests as you entertain, the right mounting solutions can make all the difference. What if you could choose an option that would allow you to easily place, move, and remove art, all without ever having to sink an anchor into your wall? With the products offered by Art Hanging Systems, that's precisely what you can achieve. 


The Benefits of a Top Rail Hanging System from Art Hanging Systems

Why should you consider installing one of our top rail systems into your ceiling? Consider the perks of relying on a system such as this:

  • Enjoy a method of hanging your favourite art and other wall-mounted pieces in a way that makes them seem like a natural part of the wall. Our Artiteq-supplied systems create a free-floating sensation that is both modern yet timeless. 
  • Quickly and easily move or remove art as needed to make changes to your space. One of the most significant drawbacks to traditional hanging systems is their permanence; once you place a painting, there it will stay for years. Our ceiling-mounted picture hangers allow you to move objects even after you've hung them up, providing the ultimate convenience. 
  • Conceal hanging hardware along the top of the wall and keep the focus on your decorations. Keep your equipment out of site so you can enjoy clean sightlines and a wall free from unnecessary alterations.


Creative Ways to Use Ceiling Picture Hanging Systems

The versatility of these systems is a large part of their appeal. While their strength and durability give them plenty of power to hold up massive mirrors and even huge paintings, there is more you can do with these systems. Some creative ideas we've seen before include the ability to:

  • Rapidly redecorate for a party. Our ceiling hanging system makes it easy not only to move pieces after you've hung them on the wall without taking anything down, but it is also simple to hang multiple new objects in close proximity. When the party is over, remove the hanging hardware from the top rail and put them back into storage, returning your space to the way it was. 
  • Use our hanging systems in spaces such as the bathroom or the bedroom to add a touch of personal flair to these spaces, too. Hang special family photos, favourite portraits, or even mounted and framed newspaper clippings; the only limit here is your imagination. Our systems are ideal for any room in the house. 
  • Easily decorate for the holidays. Our hardware is excellent at not only supporting heavy paintings and mirrors but also adapts easily to support other kinds of objects. Choose the right hanging hardware to attach to each cord dropped from the ceiling for an easy way to spruce the place up with some holiday spirit. 


About Art Hanging Systems

For more than a decade, Art Hanging Systems has offered innovative options for art display in both homes and businesses. As authorised resellers of proven products by Artiteq and Mila Wall, we know the "ins and outs" of these solutions very well. Whenever you have questions or concerns about how to adapt these products to your space, you can count on our team to deliver with the answers. Explore more information about systems now, or contact us for further information.

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