Display It Art Hanging Kits

Display It Art Hanging Kits

Display It art hanging kits are a presentation system that allows you to showcase documents, posters or photos in a fun and eye-catching way. It is possible to combine frames of different sizes and create a sleek photo wall using the Display It Economy sets. The Display It system can either be wall mounted or hung on our flexible picture hanging rails.

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  • Economy sets come in three sizes: A3 (4 x horizontal acrylic holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x steel cables), A4 (4 x vertical holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables) and A6 (6 x horizontal holders, 2 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables).
  • The E-clip allows you to change pieces quickly and easily and link extra columns without tools.
  • Acrylic holders can be linked either vertically or horizontally, allowing countless combinations.
  • Can be tensioned between surfaces with the addition of a Flex Tension Cable Set or a Fixed Tension Cable Set.
  • For displaying oversize pieces or mounts between 3-6mm thick, try our Display It Solo kit.

Create your starter pack

it’s quick and easy
  • Create a professional, timeless style display
  • Contents can be changed quickly and easily
  • Fix to wall or hang from Artiteq rail for a flexible layout option

Kit includes:

  • 4 x horizontal A3 acrylic holders
  • 4 x e-clips per holder
  • 2 x steel cables which can be either fixed to wall or hung from our picture hanging rails

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  • E-Clip connect 2mm acrylic to 1.5-2mm cable
  • Springs into clamp position with no tools, allows height adjustment
  • Can interlock to create a double side cable clamp
  • Great with Display it, acrylic displays and poster mounts


Turn Your Photos into Wall Decor with Hanging Display Systems

If you are looking for a way to display your photos in a prominent, attractive and artistic style, then our hanging display systems are the way to go. Products such as the Display It Box Set or the Display It Solo kit offer innovative ways to hang photos in a gallery-like fashion.


Benefits of Our Wall Hanging System

What makes the ‘Display It’ hanging display systems such a terrific decor option for homes? Here are a few reasons customers love these products:

  • They’re a way to get your photos off your phone or computer. These days, photos are easier to take than ever before. Unfortunately, they’re also harder to appreciate. How many fantastic family photos do you on your hard drive or phone that you never even see? A wall hanging system is an excellent way to put those photos on prominent display.
  • They offer flexible ways to display photos. If you want to hang individual images, the Display It Solo Kit is the way to go. If you have 10-15 photos you’d love to show off, though, then the Display It Box Set is a perfect place to start. The box set offers flexible options for displaying various image sizes, from A6 to A3. Create a collage of different photo sizes and orientations (landscape or portrait) for a unique and eye-catching display.
  • They are suitable for more than photos. Create a vacation display that includes photos, postcards and other souvenirs, or use these systems to hang posters of fliers. Whatever your vision, it’s easy to make the wall hanging system work for you.

Related Products We Offer to Hanging Display Systems

The Display It photo and poster hanging systems are one product category we offer. We provide a variety of other solutions for hanging and displaying artwork, including:

  • Painting hanging systems. We are best-known as a distributor for Artiteq artwork hanging systems. This rail-based painting hanging system can be mounted from the ceiling or the wall, or even built into a building design from construction. The rail systems allow for easy hanging, movement and rearranging of artwork. Our Display It systems can also hang from the Artiteq painting hanging system. Galleries around the world use these systems to display their artwork in an attractive, flexible way.
  • Art storage options. From free-standing painting racks to fixed-rack shelving, we can provide a variety of different options for artwork storage. Museums and galleries (and even private art collectors) trust in these systems to keep their art safe and intact while in storage.
  • Exhibition hire. Going beyond decor and building an entire exhibit out of your photos or artwork? We can help. We offer exhibition wall hire, exhibition hanging solutions, custom display design, and more. Always, our goal is to show off your work in the best light possible, both literally and figuratively.

About Art Hanging Systems

Since 2008, art Hanging Systems has been helping galleries, art collectors, businesses and homeowners with more professional art display solutions. Whether you are looking for hanging display systems for photos or rail-based hanging solutions for paintings, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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