Info Strip

Info Strip

The Info Strip is a hanging system for documents such as cards, photos and drawings; a handy way to collect and display documents. Pieces can either be slid into both sides of the aluminium strip or magnets can be used to attach items to the front. The easiest way to share information in a one-metre space!

Installation Video


  • The Info Strip is a sleek aluminium strip that is one metre (100 cm) long.
  • The Info Strip is mounted vertically to the wall by clicking the rail onto 2 clips.
  • Takes up very little space, making it easy to mount on narrow sections of wall in a variety of locations in a home or office.

Info Strip 100

  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Display items quickly and easily
  • Use magnets to attach items to front of strip

$70.36 Incl. GST

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