Display It Art Hanging Kits

Display It art hanging kits are a presentation system that allows you to showcase documents, posters or photos in a fun and eye-catching way. It is possible to combine frames of different sizes and create a sleek photo wall using the Display It Economy sets. The Display It system can either be wall mounted or hung on our flexible picture hanging rails.

Documents & Downloads

Professional Assets


presenting images, documents and pictures

Room Divider

unique presentation in the workspace


almost appears to float


10 years


  • Economy sets come in three sizes: A3 (4 x horizontal acrylic holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x steel cables), A4 (4 x vertical holders, 4 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables) and A6 (6 x horizontal holders, 2 x e-clips per holder, 2 x cables).
  • The E-clip allows you to change pieces quickly and easily and link extra columns without tools.
  • Acrylic holders can be linked either vertically or horizontally, allowing countless combinations.
  • Can be tensioned between surfaces with the addition of a Flex Tension Cable Set or a Fixed Tension Cable Set.
  • For displaying oversize pieces or mounts between 3-6mm thick, try our Display It Solo kit.

Create Your Starter Pack

it’s quick and easy

Display It Box Set

$115.48$162.13 Inc. GST

  • Create a professional, timeless style display
  • Contents can be changed quickly and easily
  • Fix to wall or hang from Artiteq rail for a flexible layout option
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