Professional Art Hanging Service

Put Your Best Image Forward with Our Professional Art Hanging Service

Offices, restaurants, and art galleries all need a professional art hanging service to present beautiful artwork throughout their buildings. Whether you’re showcasing artwork for sale, as your organisation’s main focus, or simply to add another level of culture to your workplace, Art Hanging Systems has the perfect blend of experience, insight, and taste to ensure that your space looks its best. 


The Importance of an Art Hanging Service

An artwork hanging service is more than a group of people coming through and hanging your paintings in predetermined locations. Our team helps you in several ways:

We carefully measure the dimensions of each location and work with your art to arrange it according to an aesthetic flow. Each piece will make sense in the context of the others in the same space so that the room becomes a self-contained story. We’ll also ensure that the artwork is appropriately spaced to balance density against sparseness.

Art hanging services are flexible enough to handle temporary fixtures or permanent installations. If you have a collection of art that you’d like to display at all times, we can ensure that it has a dedicated location that makes sense. Otherwise, we can work with you to renew the space and regularly refresh it.

Often, businesses lack the appropriate equipment to display art throughout their offices. Art Hanging Systems produces custom-made accessories and equipment so that your art has the support it needs to stand out and raise the comfort level of your office.

Whether you’re looking to install art in your business for the first time or must rework an installation you already have, the team at Art Hanging Systems is ready to assist.


Tips Regarding Professional Art Hangers

There are several tips that we recommend to get the most value out of our art hanging service:

Let us know what you’re looking for. Art Hanging Systems takes a customer-centric approach, so we’ll work to understand the atmosphere you’d like to create. Then, we’ll apply that understanding and precisely hang the artwork for you.

It’s easy for beautiful artwork to become an overlooked background if it remains unchanged for a long enough time. We recommend rotating your art or switching older paintings for new ones every few months so that your office or gallery remains vibrant and interesting.

If you have multiple offices or frequently acquire new art, you should ensure that it is carefully transported. A dedicated art transportation service can make the difference between artwork that arrives in perfect condition, and that which has suffered damage and unfortunately becomes an insurance write-off.


Why You Should Use Art Hanging Systems

For more than a decade, we have been helping people create stunning artistic displays throughout their homes and commercial settings. We’ve established a reputation for high-quality, customer-focused work that incorporates elegant taste into a framework of precise measurements. We also take pride in the fact that we’re an authorised distributor for Artiteq, one of the most respected and sought-after art and picture hanging system manufacturers in the world. Contact us for assistance in selecting the ideal art hanging equipment or to request a quote for our art hanging service. 


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