Professional Picture Hanging in Melbourne

Professional Picture Hanging in Melbourne for a Polished Look

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are creating a new art exhibit, professional picture hanging in Melbourne is an excellent way to ensure that your art is displayed beautifully and safely. At Art Hanging Systems, we offer art hanging in Melbourne for a range of applications, including private collectors, schools, museums, corporations, government buildings, and more. Professional picture hanging and installation of exhibit equipment with an artistic eye can help you achieve the aesthetic you’re going for, no matter what it is. 


Benefits of Picture Hanging Solutions in Melbourne

At Art Hanging Solutions, we have developed a keen sense for how to please the eye and draw it to specific areas. We apply what we’ve learned over the years to create effective exhibit spaces for homes and organisations in the Melbourne area. Here are a few of the benefits of working with professionals when it comes to Melbourne art hanging.

The ability to handle large and awkwardly-shaped artwork. Are you a homeowner or business with large pieces of art you’d like to hang? We can handle any size project, even if your items are very large or unusually shaped. We have numerous art hanging solutions to help create the look you want, even when we have to think outside the box to do it.

A variety of solutions. We offer a wide range of art hanging options, including permanent and temporary exhibit walls and many different mounting systems. From wall attached, ceiling attached, and built-in display systems to temporary modular walls, we can help you display almost any type of artwork in your residential or commercial space.

A faster option. Trying to take on picture hanging in Melbourne by yourself can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. We can hang nearly every type of picture, mirror, artwork, or special project quickly and efficiently. Our years of experience in the industry has taught us much about the best solutions for various situations, and we’re always happy to share what we know with our valued customers. 


A Short Buyer’s Guide for Melbourne Art Hanging

When it comes to your picture hanging service in Melbourne, you have a variety of options. Here are a few of the services we offer at Art Hanging Systems.

Wall attached systems. Our wall attached systems include click rail (a simple “click and connect” system with multiple hanging options), combi rail (a flexible, neutral wall rail with flexible lighting options that can suit any interior style), and contour rail (strong, durable, and compact, with multiple installation options).

Ceiling attached systems. Our top rail ceiling attached art hanging systems feature a subtle rail along the ceiling that will suit any existing décor to form a virtually invisible picture hanging spot – your art will appear to be hanging straight from the ceiling.

Built-in systems. We offer a range of built-in systems, including art strip (a hidden ceiling rail system), ceiling strip (a fully integrated cornice that creates a discreet shadow line along the edge of the ceiling that camouflages imperfections), and deco rail (a flawless interior finish mounted behind the cornice to be invisible to guests).

Modular walls. Not all art hanging solutions involves permanent fixtures. You may decide that your best option is a temporary solution. We offer modular exhibit walls for hire or for purchase that you can arrange as you see fit and change with the seasons (or your mood) anytime you like. 


About Art Hanging Systems

At Art Hanging Systems, we have worked in the industry for over a decade and have learned a lot about creating exceptional residential and commercial exhibition spaces. We offer Mila-Wall and Artiteq, two high-quality brands of art hanging systems for your selection. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation and discuss your installation needs.


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