Art & Picture Hanging Services

We offer a range of services to assist with your art hanging needs.
From rail and hanger installation to professional artwork and picture hanging.

Picture Hanging Service

Have your artworks, pictures and mirrors professionally hung as part of your installation. Our qualified crew can hang 4-10 pictures per hour.

A typical project will include one crew member, hardware and travel up to 10 kms from the CBD.

We have fully insured vehicles and drivers.

Rail System Installation

Click Rail, Contour Rail, and loads of other wall attached and ceiling recessed systems. We can help you install your hanging system for an affordable cost.

From small residential fitouts to large commercial installations – just fill in the form below for a quick quote and a call back from one of our helpful consultants.

Other Specialist Art Advice

Leverage our specialist knowledge with our Professional Consulting services:

Art Project Management, Curatorial Consulting, Artwork fitting service, Lighting and framing, Storage Consulting, Framing service, Conservation Consulting.

Tell us about your project, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours

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    It would be really helpful to know the types and numbers of pictures and artworks you want to hang. Along with the total length of walls you want any rail to be applied to (if you have a tape measure handy!)

    File Attachment (optional)

    Please attach any photos or drawings you might have for your job (not required, but helpful if you have them!)

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