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Our most popular rail

  • Strong – hangs up to 30kg/lineal metre of rail
  • Mounts flush against any ceiling/cornice type
  • Kit for 3 mtr rail includes: 1x click rail, 9x click & connect, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps 1 x corner cap
  • Kit for 2 mtr rail includes: 1x click rail, 6x click & connect, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps 1 x corner cap
  • Extra Strong – holds up to 50kg/m
  • Flange hides the hanger heads for a sleek look
  • Mounts flush against any ceiling/cornice type
  • Kit includes: 1x click rail pro, 6x click & connect 3 ring, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps, 1 x corner cap
  • Hang and illuminate displays all-in-one, sophisticated LED lighting
  • Rail & connector set with options of live power ends and armature lights
  • Note: Electrical Installation of this product requires a licensed electrician to specify a transformer and connection to buildings electricity supply.
  • Please Note:  Lighting Armatures,  sold separately in  50cm or 70cm 
  • Our most compact wall-attached rail
  • Super thin & holds up to 20kg/m
  • Looks great fixed at picture rail height
  • 50 cm long plug in lighting armature for Combi rail
  • Recommended 10w MR16 LED light.
  • LED light  not included.
  • Tiny surface attached rail- ceilings frames and windows
  • Can be mounted onto Plasterboard, timber and concrete ceilings, window frames & joinery
  • Comes in 250cm lengths.
  • Shadowline wall fixed suits masonry, rendered or walls that have been lined already.
  • Comes in 10 mm and 13 mm sizes
  • Fully-integrated hanging system for ceiling tile system.
  • Discreet – Creates a shadowline in which the hanging system is hidden.
  • Strong – Weight capacity of up to 50kg/metre.
  • Standard Off White finish
  • Comes in 300cm lengths.
  • 2 colour choices: Black or White.
  • Built-in/ceiling attached. Installed at the same time as a recessed ceiling.
  • Rail mounted to wall behind plaster cornice
  • Installed prior to timber of plaster cornice
  • Great in Heritage refurbishment scenarios
  • 2m lengths
  • white primer finish ready to paint
  •  shadowline effect hides heads of hangers for neat look.


  • Our thinnest, least visible hanger
  • Nylon Perlon or cable option is almost invisible against wall
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • Our standard hanger set, for the heavy weight artworks and mirrors
  • Includes 2x Twister hangers and 2x 20kg Micro Grip hooks
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 40kg capacity.
  • Set incl. Slider hangers inserted into the rail and 20kg Frame hangers screw fitted the artwork frame.
  • Connects all components to prevent snatch & grab. Suits all Artiteq rails. Great in public spaces.
  • 2x Slider Cable hanger 2x frame hangers (20kg each)
  • Heavy weight hanging set – suits mirrors, heavy framed artworks, and memorabilia weighing over 20kg
  • 2x Twister cable hangers and 2x 20kg 2mm micro grip twisters give 40kg capacity
  • Ensure the rail weight capacity matches this hanger set. E.g Click Rail Pro
  • Set includes a lockable lug, slider nylon hanger, 4kg picture hook and allen key tool.
  • Enables hanging lightweight artwork on rail installed on sloped ceiling up to 45 degrees.
  • Ideal for Victorian & Edwardian building with timber picture rail/moulding
  • This set combines traditional 2  x Gallery Hooks in brass, chrome or white with 2 x 150cm looped nylon “and cable” hangers and 2 x 20kg micro grips, with a choice of Gallery Hook – Brass, Chrome or White.
  • Use two hangers & hooks per artwork for best results.
  • Kit incl. Slider head Hangers and lightweight Hooks only -max 8kg artwork capacity
  • Suits all Artiteq rails
  • 2x Solid Slider Nylon Hanger & 2x Mini Screw Hooks.
  • Everything you need to hang 2 x 4kg Artworks on a shoestring budget.
  • A great starter kit that can be added to in later stages as your budget allows.
  • Add additional hanger kits for heavier.
  • Click rail is designed take any of Artiteq’s hangers.
  • Includes 2m Click Rail , Rail install pack, 4 x slider hangs 150cm Nylon, 4 x mini screw hooks.
  • Our super-thin hanger set, nearly disappears
  • Nylon has up to 5 kg capacity each with 1mm Micro Grip Hook
  • Cable has up to 20 kg capacity 1mm Micro Grip Hook
  • Our standard hanger option
  • Available in nylon perlon or st/steel cable
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon has a capacity of up to 20kgs per pair.
  • Cable has a capacity of up to 40kg per pair.
  • More secure, head inserts into all Artiteq rails
  • Solid slider head
  • Can be used on slanted walls, excessive height and security situations
  • Nylon and cable
  • 150-500cm length options
  • Classic old sea-faring style attaches to our Gallery Hooks
  • Also can be used to loop around anything, screw heads, hooks, pipes and bars
  • Nylon and cable
  • Simple hex head hanger inserts into all Artiteq rails
  • Provides a semi secure, clean look only in nylon
  • Clever “locking head” enable Cliq2Fix hanger to remain locked into the track and still slide left and right.
  • Great for high walls or on staircases walls.
  • 2mm white Twister Rod makes changing the artwork position easy from a standing position no need for a ladder.
  • Just twist the rod and the hanger releases reverse twist and it locks back into the rail.
  • Discreet, clever, screw fixed into picture frame with 20kg
  • Great for heavy mirrors, or unusual shaped objects encourages “flat to wall” hang
  • Offers secure attachment for artwork and displays
  • 20kg hook suits twister 2mm hanger diameter works on nylon and cable hangers.
  • Strong – Each hook holds up to 15kg
  • Locks when released, good for narrow frames
  • 4kg light weight screw fixed hook suitable for frames less than A4 size
  • Discreet, clever, screw fixed into picture frame with 20kg
  • Great for heavy mirrors, or unusual shaped objects encourages “flat to wall” hang
  • Offers secure attachment for artwork and displays


  • Create a professional, timeless style display
  • Contents can be changed quickly and easily
  • Fix to wall or hang from Artiteq rail for a flexible layout option
  • Can be fixed to wall or hung from rail system
  • Clamps hold boards and plates between 3-6mm thick
  • Each kit comes with 2 x hangers and 4 x clamps
  • Great alternative to photo frames
  • Easy to hang photos and postcards
  • Paper, Poster , Photo, Map & Chart Display
  • Triple grip insert to easily display notes, photos, drawings and more
  • Suitable for paper from 80gsm up to 2mm thick
  • Excellent for office, schools, hospitals and kids bedrooms
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Display items quickly and easily
  • Use magnets to attach items to front of strip


  • D shade screw fitting essential for picture hook attachment
  • Comes in 3 sizes 15kg, 20kg, 30kg
  • Screw fitting
  • Spring loaded clip that attaches crockery plates to the hanging system
  • Suits 16-25cm diametre plates
  • 16mm, 21mm & 31mm white
  • 15kg capacity great for temporary exhibitions partition wall and wall panels
  • Combine with hex head hanger and micro grip 2mm or ratchet hook for hanging set
  • White Sprung clip for wall partitions with 3kg hanging capacity
  • Combine with loop head hangers and micro grip 2mm or ratchet hook for hanging set
  • Clever self-locking 10kg fitting with 1mm thin cable and frame hanger
  • Great for ceiling suspended signage displays, retail, schools and commercial
  • Frame hanger screws into any board material 12-18mm thick
  • E-Clip connect 2mm acrylic to 1.5-2mm cable
  • Springs into clamp position with no tools, allows height adjustment
  • Can interlock to create a double side cable clamp
  • Great with Display it, acrylic displays and poster mounts
  • A flexible cable clamp which connects any vertically suspended board material 3-6mm in thickness
  • Suits acrylic, signboards, foamcore, timber, metal and glass
  • This cable set allows for a cable to be tensioned upto 4m between ceiling and floor, wall to wall or wall to ceiling with fixed tensioned fittings
  • Suits Display It
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