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Our most popular rail

  • Strong – hangs up to 30kg/lineal metre of rail
  • Mounts flush against any ceiling/cornice type
  • Kit for 3 mtr rail includes: 1x click rail, 9x click & connect, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps 1 x corner cap
  • Kit for 2 mtr rail includes: 1x click rail, 6x click & connect, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps 1 x corner cap
  • Extra Strong – holds up to 50kg/m
  • Flange hides the hanger heads for a sleek look
  • Mounts flush against any ceiling/cornice type
  • Kit includes: 1x click rail pro, 6x click & connect 3 ring, 6 plugs, 6 screws, 2 end caps, 1 x corner cap
  • Hang and illuminate displays all-in-one, sophisticated LED lighting
  • Rail & connector set with options of live power ends and armature lights
  • Note: Electrical Installation of this product requires a licensed electrician to specify a transformer and connection to buildings electricity supply.
  • Please Note:  Lighting Armatures,  sold separately in  50cm or 70cm 
  • Our most compact wall-attached rail
  • Super thin & holds up to 20kg/m
  • Looks great fixed at picture rail height
  • 50 cm long plug in lighting armature for Combi rail
  • Recommended 10w MR16 LED light.
  • LED light  not included.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  1. Tiny surface attached rail- ceilings frames and windows
  2. Can be mounted onto Plasterboard, timber and concrete ceilings, window frames & joinery
  1. Comes in 250cm lengths.
  2. Shadowline wall fixed suits masonry, rendered or walls that have been lined already.
  3. Comes in 10 mm and 13 mm sizes
  • Fully-integrated hanging system for ceiling tile system.
  • Discreet – Creates a shadowline in which the hanging system is hidden.
  • Strong – Weight capacity of up to 50kg/metre.
  • Standard Off White finish
  • Comes in 300cm lengths.
  • 2 colour choices: Black or White.
  • Built-in/ceiling attached. Installed at the same time as a recessed ceiling.
  • Rail mounted to wall behind plaster cornice
  • Installed prior to timber of plaster cornice
  • Great in Heritage refurbishment scenarios
  • 2m lengths
  • white primer finish ready to paint
  •  shadowline effect hides heads of hangers for neat look.


  • Our thinnest, least visible hanger
  • Nylon Perlon or cable option is almost invisible against wall
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • Our standard hanger set, for the heavy weight artworks and mirrors
  • Includes 2x Twister hangers and 2x 20kg Micro Grip hooks
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 40kg capacity.
  • Set incl. Slider hangers inserted into the rail and 20kg Frame hangers screw fitted the artwork frame.
  • Connects all components to prevent snatch & grab. Suits all Artiteq rails. Great in public spaces.
  • 2x Slider Cable hanger 2x frame hangers (20kg each)
  • Heavy weight hanging set – suits mirrors, heavy framed artworks, and memorabilia weighing over 20kg
  • 2x Twister cable hangers and 2x 20kg 2mm micro grip twisters give 40kg capacity
  • Ensure the rail weight capacity matches this hanger set. E.g Click Rail Pro
  • Set includes a lockable lug, slider nylon hanger, 4kg picture hook and allen key tool.
  • Enables hanging lightweight artwork on rail installed on sloped ceiling up to 45 degrees.
  • Ideal for Victorian & Edwardian building with timber picture rail/moulding
  • This set combines traditional 2  x Gallery Hooks in brass, chrome or white with 2 x 150cm looped nylon “and cable” hangers and 2 x 20kg micro grips, with a choice of Gallery Hook – Brass, Chrome or White.
  • Use two hangers & hooks per artwork for best results.
  • Kit incl. Slider head Hangers and lightweight Hooks only -max 8kg artwork capacity
  • Suits all Artiteq rails
  • 2x Solid Slider Nylon Hanger & 2x Mini Screw Hooks.
  • Everything you need to hang 2 x 4kg Artworks on a shoestring budget.
  • A great starter kit that can be added to in later stages as your budget allows.
  • Add additional hanger kits for heavier.
  • Click rail is designed take any of Artiteq’s hangers.
  • Includes 2m Click Rail , Rail install pack, 4 x slider hangs 150cm Nylon, 4 x mini screw hooks.
  • Our super-thin hanger set, nearly disappears
  • Nylon has up to 5 kg capacity each with 1mm Micro Grip Hook
  • Cable has up to 20 kg capacity 1mm Micro Grip Hook
  • Our standard hanger option
  • Available in nylon perlon or st/steel cable
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon has a capacity of up to 20kgs per pair.
  • Cable has a capacity of up to 40kg per pair.
  • More secure, head inserts into all Artiteq rails
  • Solid slider head
  • Can be used on slanted walls, excessive height and security situations
  • Nylon and cable
  • 150-500cm length options
  • Classic old sea-faring style attaches to our Gallery Hooks
  • Also can be used to loop around anything, screw heads, hooks, pipes and bars
  • Nylon and cable
  • Simple hex head hanger inserts into all Artiteq rails
  • Provides a semi secure, clean look only in nylon
  • Clever “locking head” enable Cliq2Fix hanger to remain locked into the track and still slide left and right.
  • Great for high walls or on staircases walls.
  • 2mm white Twister Rod makes changing the artwork position easy from a standing position no need for a ladder.
  • Just twist the rod and the hanger releases reverse twist and it locks back into the rail.
  • Discreet, clever, screw fixed into picture frame with 20kg
  • Great for heavy mirrors, or unusual shaped objects encourages “flat to wall” hang
  • Offers secure attachment for artwork and displays
  • 20kg hook suits twister 2mm hanger diameter works on nylon and cable hangers.
  • Strong – Each hook holds up to 15kg
  • Locks when released, good for narrow frames
  • 4kg light weight screw fixed hook suitable for frames less than A4 size

Available on backorder

  • Discreet, clever, screw fixed into picture frame with 20kg
  • Great for heavy mirrors, or unusual shaped objects encourages “flat to wall” hang
  • Offers secure attachment for artwork and displays


  • Create a professional, timeless style display
  • Contents can be changed quickly and easily
  • Fix to wall or hang from Artiteq rail for a flexible layout option
  • Can be fixed to wall or hung from rail system
  • Clamps hold boards and plates between 3-6mm thick
  • Each kit comes with 2 x hangers and 4 x clamps

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Great alternative to photo frames
  • Easy to hang photos and postcards
  • Paper, Poster , Photo, Map & Chart Display
  • Triple grip insert to easily display notes, photos, drawings and more
  • Suitable for paper from 80gsm up to 2mm thick
  • Excellent for office, schools, hospitals and kids bedrooms
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Display items quickly and easily
  • Use magnets to attach items to front of strip


  • D shade screw fitting essential for picture hook attachment
  • Comes in 3 sizes 15kg, 20kg, 30kg
  • Screw fitting
  • Spring loaded clip that attaches crockery plates to the hanging system
  • Suits 16-25cm diametre plates
  • 16mm, 21mm & 31mm white
  • 15kg capacity great for temporary exhibitions partition wall and wall panels
  • Combine with hex head hanger and micro grip 2mm or ratchet hook for hanging set
  • White Sprung clip for wall partitions with 3kg hanging capacity
  • Combine with loop head hangers and micro grip 2mm or ratchet hook for hanging set
  • Clever self-locking 10kg fitting with 1mm thin cable and frame hanger
  • Great for ceiling suspended signage displays, retail, schools and commercial
  • Frame hanger screws into any board material 12-18mm thick
  • E-Clip connect 2mm acrylic to 1.5-2mm cable
  • Springs into clamp position with no tools, allows height adjustment
  • Can interlock to create a double side cable clamp
  • Great with Display it, acrylic displays and poster mounts
  • A flexible cable clamp which connects any vertically suspended board material 3-6mm in thickness
  • Suits acrylic, signboards, foamcore, timber, metal and glass
  • This cable set allows for a cable to be tensioned upto 4m between ceiling and floor, wall to wall or wall to ceiling with fixed tensioned fittings
  • Suits Display It

Art Hanging Systems Offers and Installs Art Gallery Hanging Supplies

Art Hanging Systems is well known for the stylish and high-quality hanging systems we offer for hire as well as for permanent installation along with art gallery hanging supplies. When it comes to the artwork and photographs you exhibit, you’d prefer to trust the hanging system you use as well as the installers. Our professional and experienced team is here to help with a hanging system and supplies to meet the needs of your art and your exhibition space.

What Sets Art Hanging Systems Apart regarding Art Gallery Hanging Supplies

The quality of the products we offer and the knowledge our team has gained through their extensive experience help to set us apart in the following ways:

  • Every exhibition space is unique and comes with its own set of important considerations when determining the best art hanging options. We offer solutions that will fit any exhibition, ably installed by our professional team.
  • We offer flexible and easy to use systems for use in art galleries and other spaces. One of these systems enables you to easily swap out your artwork, even accommodating artwork of different sizes.
  • With our supplies, we can repair and replace parts of the system that wear out. 

Common Mistakes People Make regarding Wall Art Hanging Hardware

It can be easy to ignore your art hanging hardware, at least until it fails. Given the tremendous monetary and sentimental value your artwork and photographs can have, you don’t want to hope that your inadequate hanging system will be able to handle your needs. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that we can help you avoid:

  • The best hanging system and hardware is durable enough to handle the needs of your exhibition. Different pieces in your collection can vary significantly in weight, and some hanging systems are not suitable for heavier pieces. We offer several options to handle up to 20kg per mount.
  • Some hanging systems are more obtrusive and draw eyes away from the art. We have a stylish art hanging system that will remain in the background to let your art shine.
  • Lighting is an essential aspect of an art exhibition. Without the right light, your visitors will not be able to see each piece displayed at its best. Our team can provide lighting to let each piece pop and stand out.

About Art Hanging Systems

For over a decade, Art Hanging Systems has been providing our clients in multiple industries, from art galleries to schools and government departments with high quality art hanging systems and gallery art hanging tools. With this extensive experience, we have handled multiple types of exhibits in a multitude of spaces, enabling us to handle your needs, whatever they are. Our services include professional installation, and our team can even offer lighting in which to display your valuable artwork better. Contact us today to learn more about our systems and to get a free quote for your gallery or other exhibition space.

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