Life Wall Hang

Start Spring With A Fresh New Look … Try A Life Wall Hang

This Salon Style hanging composition combines artworks or family photos in a random wall composition.

The history of the term “Salon Hang” originated with the aristocracy hanging randomly composed artworks from the floor to the ceiling in their drawing rooms or salons. The greater the density of portraits, landscapes, grand houses and hobbies on display, the longer the lineage and therefore the grander the family!

The times may have changed but the sense of grandeur is reflected in the sheer delight we see in our customers today. In a Life Wall hang you can combine the 1920’s grandparent portraits with mum & dad’s wedding photos from the 50’s, and 70’s shots of the family with today’s high resolution photography of the kids. Whether you hang all the different period frames or prefer all the images in the same frame type, you get to choose. The family heritage is displayed with all the love and warmth it deserves. Additionally, you can easily add additional photos and images to the random composition as the family grows.

Our art hanging systems can be used to give limitless salon flexibility and minimise wall damage, or traditional screw fit hanging techniques can be used.

We’re giving you 10% off our regular installation service fees when you book before September 30th.

Your New Spring Look can be achieved easily with our talented professional art installers.

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