WA Museum using Mila Wall

WA Museum Comes Alive With Mila-Wall

The newly opened WA Museum Boola Bardip is an architectural marvel showcasing Perth’s diverse history and stunning landscape, integrating new and heritage-listed buildings to form an exploratory journey between the past and future. This contrast makes the Museum the perfect location to house the celebrated exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters  In such a unique space, Art Hanging Systems knew what would bring the exhibition to life.

Art Hanging Systems, as the sole Australian distributor of Mila-wall®, was able to provide WA Museum Boola Bardip with this high-end experiential experience and compliment the space.

Limitless Design Possibilities

The Mila-wall® is a revolutionary modular wall system that allowed WA Museum to easily build dynamic walls and angular spaces to feature paintings, sculptures, ceramics and multimedia. Songlines encourages visitors to step into an immersive space and walk along the songlines to uncover this ancient creation tale.

Using recyclable materials, these modules could be repainted and reskinned, making them a viable and cost-effective long term solution to any space. They were tailored to each space to create a different mood, feel and storytelling experience.

One of the key benefits was its lightweight modular construction technology so the Museum could install finished wall modules in a short time. Their sturdiness and sleek design allowed them to innovatively create an exhibition space to perfectly suit their needs built with beauty and stability.

For the WA Museum, the experience of the original exhibition at the National Museum of Australia was recreated, with winding corridors taking visitors on a discovery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and creation history.

Modular wall exhibition plans

Endless Interactive Options

The Mila-wall® also have in-built interactive capabilities with flush LCD displays along with accessories such as easily mounted lights, windows, and showcases to allow for easily assembled immersive sites. The exhibition’s auditory and multimedia elements play a key role in creating a whole-body experience and bring these 600,000-year-old stories to life.


Songlines is also a touring exhibition that will be travelling far and wide both locally and internationally. It needed a solution that could be transported to exhibition spaces of various shapes and sizes, but it also needed to be cost-effective to accommodate galleries that may not have the budget scale of their bigger counterparts.


You don’t need specialised equipment, tools or personnel to install these modular walls, that can be configured into multiple configurations to suit your needs. All you have to do is lift the module with a lever, bring together the tongue and groove connection, and lower it into the self-locking connection. It is economical due it its quick installation and dismantling, and timeless in its simple design.

Cater To All Exhibition Design Requirements

With limitless design possibilities and the use of reusable and sustainable materials for the next 20 years, Mila-wall® is incredibly efficient and versatile. It can be used in galleries spaces, trade shows or even retail. The possibilities are countless.


Its success speaks for itself. The Western Australian Museum is a loyal and ongoing customer of mila-wall. The Museum has committed to the modular wall system for both its permanent and temporary exhibition spaces.


For more information, download the catalogue or get in touch with our sales team to see how you can use mila-wall for your next exhibition or commercial space.

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