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Art Hanging Systems helps art owners and curators by providing the art hanging solutions that create beautiful displays.

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If you are constructing now or designing for a building project – Take a look at the “Integrated” or Built-in” range of Rails- these fit into different cornice type and ceiling construction methods. Use below to work out the cornice detail you intend the rail to work with.

See the Integrated range of rails here by clicking the button below

If your Building is complete and you want a solution to add to an existing building see the wall attached rails by clicking the button below

If you want to fix to the ceiling see these options by clicking the button below

Below are the types of Cornice of all walls
you want to install rail on?

Tips for Rail Specification to suit your Project

  • Match the rail shape to your cornice shape. Think of the rail being a cornice feature right under the ceiling or cornice. Click rail, Sleek rail and Click rail Pro are the most popular.
  • Wall attached rails are the easiest to install and attain the highest weight capacity for artwork.
  • Many of our rails have hidden wall fixings for a discreet finish.
  • Match the Rail colour to the interior colour scheme. Some Primer finished rail can be painted any colour or left vivid white.
  • With existing shadowline, cornices, the rail has to be fixed below the ceiling height. No rail can be installed into an existing shadowline gap.
  • The hanging track of the rail must sit against the surface of the wall for the best finish and flattest artwork hang.
art storage installation

Tips to help you specify Hangers and hooks

  • The hangers can move left and right to adjust to any artwork width, the hooks “lock” on the hanger at any height to adjust to any height artwork.
  • Match the Diameter of the Hanger with the Diameter of the hooks – e.g 1mm Twister matches with 1mm Micro grip Hook.
  • Use 2 hangers and hooks per artwork for safest and flattest hang to the wall.
  • Attached the hooks to D-rings, screw fixed into the sides of the picture frame no more than 5cm down from the top of the picture frame.
  • Additional Artworks can be hung underneath each other by adding another pair of hooks and using the excess hanger length from the first artwork hung. We recommend Frame hangers for this compositional hanging,
  • Hangers can work in sloped ceilings up to 15degrees rake. Anything higher a rail stopper is required to prevent the hanger from sliding down the rail.
  • You can add extra hooks to the same hanger to hang one picture frame underneath another.
  • Ensure you select the same diameter of the hook with the diameter of the hanger e.g 1mm hook use 1mm hanger.
  • Self-locking hooks are the fastest to move position – a plunger is pushed at the top of the hook to release its grip on the hanger.
  • Check you picture frame moulding width as narrow frames will mean Frame Hanger, Adjustable 30kg hook, and Ratchet hooks are best.

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