Integrated Systems

For building and renovation projects, Artiteq developed built-in picture hanging systems to suit different construction scenarios. The Art Strip and Ceiling Strip are ceiling rails that are integrated when commercial ceiling tile systems and offer 50kg weight capacity. The “Shadowline Drywall” can be integrated into plasterboard ceilings with stud frame walls. whilst “Shadowline Masonry” is attached to the walls first with plasterboard lined ceilings of 10-13mm inserted. Once they are fixed and covered with setting compound they both create a hidden picture hanging system in a shadowline gap between walls and the plasterboard ceiling.  For heritage projects Deco Rail is fixed behind a plaster or timber cornice moulding or architrave.

To choose the right hanging system for your application you must take into account the maximum weight the rail must be able to support, and the various interiors in which a rail will be used. If you need help choosing a rail please visit our “How To Choose” page or book a free consultation.