Wall Attached Rail Systems

Whilst a painted masterpiece can take thousands of hours, choosing the picture hanging system it rests on needn’t be nearly as time consuming. Sophisticated wall hanging systems for art provide incredible flexibility, allowing you to put up, take down and re-arrange effortlessly. Neatly display pictures, posters, paintings, panels, decor, and even prized objects with discreet and dependable wall-mounted systems.

Wall attached rail systems deliver much more weight than their ceiling attached equivalents, and once the system has been installed, you won’t require any specialist tools when moving wall pictures around. With Click&Connect technology, you are free to slide your artwork at will, or even add multiple hooks to a single wire to create intricate presentations.

Click & Connect System

Most of our wall picture hanging systems are mounted using innovative Click&Connect design. Nylon blocks are attached to the wall using screws and plugs every 45 cm, leaving you to simply click the rail piece onto the blocks. Now tightly mounted to the wall, fixings are hidden from view and only the rail is seen at cornice height. It is possible to mount the system in such a way that hanging wire sliders are also hidden.

Art Hanging Systems offers several different solutions depending on the cornice type and weight per metre of your artwork. The Click Rail hangs up to 30kg/lineal metre of rail, whilst the Click Rail Pro supports as much as 50kg/m. The choice of your rail will depend on the type of cornice (Plaster, Shadowline, Squareset) as well as the weight of artwork you need to hang per metre.

Flexible Designs

With all sorts of wall picture hangers, hooks and wires available, you have complete freedom to choose your optimal art hanging setup. Hanging wires and hooks simply click into the wall-attached rail system so that you can present picture frames and posters wherever you please, without having to risk any damage to your walls or artwork.

With both nylon and steel wires available, and a range of hanging hooks depending on the weight you wish to hang, you have full confidence in the safety of your artwork hanging system. Lockable hooks slide vertically on wires, which themselves slide horizontally on the wall-attached railing, which means you can reposition paintings and photos instantly without special tools.

Picture Perfect Wall Hanging

Our Easy 2 Step Order Process allows you to select the wires, hangers and hooks best for your space. Wall mounted picture rails are available in three colours – White Primer, Brushed Aluminium, Off White – as well as various lengths.

View our options below or visit our “How to Choose” page for help selecting the best system for your needs. Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation, where we can go through the space planning, equipment specification and cost estimates of your wall attached picture hanging system.