Neo Fresnel

A zoom spotlight developed for use in museums and art galleries. Every fixture can individually handle all changable variables of the light: Direction, shape, sharpness, colour and intensity.

Light beam angle is adjusted 16–64° with the focus knob on the back of the luminaire.

Brightness is adjusted with the potentiometer on the adapter, flicker free soft dimming curve down to 0%

  • Perfect colour rendering CRI 98
  • Fits most known 3-phase tracks.
  • Barndoors included

Neo Fresnel is available in three main versions:

  • Analog: On-board dimmer.
  • DMX: Wireless via Lumenradio CRMX.
  • DALI: Wired DALI adapter.
  • Casambi: Bluetooth based control

Analog and DMX version has integrated dimmer potentiometer which is an indispensible feature during rigging and focusing!

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