Beautiful and flexible ways to decorate your walls

There are many ways to hang art and decorate your walls. Art Hanging Systems guarantees a safe yet also flexible way to hang pictures and wall decorations. As a specialist in hanging systems, we develop flexible hanging systems for pictures and other wall decorations but we also offer solutions for hanging drawings, photos or canvas frames. Be inspired by the different possibilities for each room in a home.

Discover The Possibilities

Many people look for a hanging system for one particular painting or just for one specific room. However the hanging system will subtly integrate along whole walls of a room or throughout the entire house, whilst giving you the freedom to decorate your walls however you wish, whenever you wish.

Living Room

style & restyle

Your style is unique and you decorate your interior accordingly. Picture hanging systems are both practical and simple to use. A rail on each wall will allow you the flexibility to move your pictures around whenever you want – thereby easily creating a whole new ‘look’ to each room.


wining, dining & organising

Is the kitchen the central room in your house? The Info Rail is incredibly handy for the kitchen: think about all those documents and notes you have to keep or shouldn’t forget. Place your grocery list, invitation or drawing in the Info Rail. It is not only practical, but it also gives an original touch to your kitchen.


warm welcome

The entrance or hallway of your home is the perfect place for family photos. Using the hanging system in this room you are able to update your photos whenever you wish – adding to, or replacing with new ones from recent holidays or special occasions.

Children's Bedroom

brighten your wall

Colourful, cheerful & practical – that’s the perfect kid’s room. A place where your child likes to spend time doing his/her own thing. The hanging system is great here as you can feature your child’s artwork. You can also brighten the room by painting the rail in a colour of your choice and hang coloured cords and cool magnets. The Info Rail is also great for artwork.


tranquillity & being yourself

he place where you unwind, where you can enjoy being yourself and the place where, on average, you spend a lot of your life.  This room more than any other in your house, sets  your mood for the day and the night. Go to sleep and wake up to the things you love the most..change them around often to keep things fresh. You might want to place a large mirror in your bedroom, or decorate a wall with travels, inspirational places and artworks of your dreams. Keep it quiet and contemplative of fun and quirky… it who you want to be.

Why Choose Our Flexible Picture Hanging Systems?

You decide where to hang a picture or frame, at what height and for what time period. With our flexible picture hanging systems you are always flexible in decorating your walls: change or move your frames as often as you like! After the one time installation of the rail you can hang your pictures in no time.


hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


suitable for a variety of wall decorations


one time installation

Preservation Of Walls

never drill another hole