Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo 5 Things We Wish We Were Taking Home From Dark Mofo

Tasmania’s premier winter arts and culture event Dark Mofo brings people from all over Australia and the world to soak up its eclectic mix of exhibitions, artists, experiences and events. From the peculiar to the popular, each year the dark depths of the cultural world are surfaced by its curators.

This year is no different. Here is what we wouldn’t miss on our Dark Mofo journey.

1. Luke Howard & Tilman Robinson
Luke Howard’s at-times-eerie compositions frequent at this writer’s desk. So finding a seat at Hobart’s Federation Concert Hall to bask in the meditative and inspiring collab between him and Tilman Robinson is at the top of our checklist.

2. 150.Action – Hermann Nitsch
500 liters of blood. Sacrificial visions involving gore and nudity. It’s one of those “I can’t look away” events that we are grossly curious to witness.

3. Dark Chorus
A visually rich dance show filled with elaborate costumes and sensational moves. The show that first appeared at the 2016 Melbourne Festival is a thing of black and white light beauty. Get there if you can.

4. Welcome Stranger
“Hello stranger, and welcome to our dark city.” Cast your eyes on this blend of the classy, the rebellious and the familiar. Welcome Stranger offers you a venture behind the scenes of private societies, reclaimed venues, hotel rooms and sacred spaces.

5. Sleeping Beauty
Charles Perrault’s classic gothic fairytale will transport you to a dimension beyond our own. Twenty-seven larger than life puppets are sure to weave in and out of your mind’s eye.

8-21 June, Hobart, Tasmania

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