Home Is Where You Hang Your Art

Home Is Where You Hang Your Art

There are a lot who think collecting art is about investment and monetary value, that it requires expertise they lack, and that their own choices hold no worth. But the value of art goes well beyond this.

The importance of art is often a personal one. Every piece holds a memory, a feeling; a puzzle piece of the owner’s history, their identity. Each object tells a story of their lives, it evokes recollections of loved ones, experiences, emotions, memories that without the physical reminder might be lost forever.

The power of these artworks to ground us, to enrich our lives, and to document our experiences is quite astounding.

It’s often not appreciated just how much these images affect us on a sentimental level. The pieces we acquire over a lifetime are essential to creating a living space that’s unique to us and that we connect with— they become an extension of our personalities, an expression of who we are. For some, fragments of ourselves are communicated through an expansive collection of images and paintings. For others, a small group of specific pieces are larger statements about them. As our households grow and change, collections grow bigger and more diverse.

Families, couples and shared living arrangements can see a compilation of pieces so eclectic it’s almost incoherent. That means they often end up with a jumble of sizes and styles making the concept of art presentation daunting to many. This is where we come in.

Our expertise can turn a diverse collection of sometimes incongruous or incompatible pieces into a seamless, well-balanced and visually appealing display that complements the owner’s tastes and identity.

Many, many considerations should be taken in to account when hanging your collection. In existing homes, the arrangements people have put together are often based on personal taste and have been placed in that way for a particular reason. In a new home, it is a completely different story.

When people move house, we see the connection they feel to the art they surround themselves with. Often that’s when they fully understand that connection too. They no longer underestimate their own attachment to art, to the importance of it in their lives.

In a way, moving home is when you can see people at their most vulnerable. They are uprooted from familiar surroundings. They then realise what images are essential to rebuilding that sense of home in another space, and what items they are the most attached to.

The prospect of reassembling these pieces in a completely new space, of trying to find a place for them amid the stress of moving, can be quite overwhelming.

This is where we can help. In our experience, most people don’t set out to build a collection of images that all perfectly complement each other and the space they’re in. It’s usually more an accumulation of pieces the owner has acquired over their lifetime; pieces bought for different living situations to what they’re in now, or inherited from family members.

What we do that is so special is objectively assess the collection of artworks and the space, taking into account proportion and scale, and use our art hanging systems to create an aesthetic that is harmonious and looks great.

Our solutions take note of a great degree of factors including how pieces have been framed, access to natural light, colour schemes, room size, artwork size, architectural styles and more. We also work closely with the home owner, to ensure that particular pieces are viewable from certain areas of the home. It is common for an artwork to have a personal meaning attached, lending it to be hung in or by a bedroom for example.

At the same time, the varying styles and types of art that people own can make for some interesting challenges. Ideally, the final arrangement should feel cohesive and harmonious whilst accommodating different tastes and merging different styles of art. Situations in which the style of art clashes with the architectural style of it’s environment are commonplace, such as a Victorian piece in a modern apartment. It’s situations like these that we do what we do best. The finished result will have the images being shown off to their full potential, whilst looking very much ‘at home’.

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