Changing The Way We Present Art

Mila Wall: Changing The Way We Present Art

Evolution and innovation are funny things. While the former relates to nature and the natural world, the latter is synonymous with technological advancement and creation. However, in the art world they work side by side to create a new environment, and means, in which to view, appreciate and grow art.

In bygone eras, art was largely collected privately and horded by royalty and the super-wealthy of the time. It was used to impress their contemporaries, while also intimidating them with their wealth and power.

It was said that religious institutions commissioned works of art to be displayed in temples and churches, which could be viewed by selected members of the public, but the ease of access is not known.

Thankfully, in the second-half of the eighteenth century, many private collections were nationalised and opened to the public. This saw the liberalisation of art, with public access granted to some of the most exquisite paintings, sculptures and artefacts from around the world, and dynasties thought lost to the pages of history.

Once again art galleries, or more importantly the way in which art is displayed, has changed. While open to the public, art was mostly bound to the confines of designated galleries, and rarely seen outside of those locations. However, now if you have a space, you have gallery.

Innovations within the art community have made it possible to create ‘pop-up’ exhibitions anywhere you can find a space, and obviously have the required approval. Except in the case of Banksy, that’s another matter altogether.

Warehouse, vacant shop or even an open outdoor space can be made in to an area to display art. And this is where Art Hanging Systems can help.

Our modular wall system, the Mila-Wall, is a flexible, sustainable, versatile and cost effective option for not just pop-up exhibitions, but for established galleries that require the freedom to change the layout to suit the artist or exhibition.

The Mila-Wall modules are quick and easy to assemble (literally in minutes) and install, and can be arranged in to multiple configurations to suit almost all building shapes. Made from recyclable material, they are designed to be used for the long-term with a reskinnable and re-paintable surface, as well as easily repairable (should an event get a little festive).

The modules are available with over 200 surface finishing options, and can be built with additional built-in features to suit your needs. However, one of the key features of this product is its ability to be redeployed, should your premises undertake major renovations.

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