Floor Running Systems - BL

With the floor-running systems, the entire weight of the mesh panel is carried by wheels running on the floor. A steel structure with rails, guides the panels pullout motion. Mesh panels up to 2.6m long by 2.4m high fully extend from the pack providing excellent storage in small to medium sized environments. These units are suitable as storage and display in retail environment.

Floor Rails

Floor rails run precisely and are permanently guided at the top and bottom. This enables us to achieve a very precise straight-line stability. This system can be designed either with a wooden platform, aluminum platform or with concreted floor rails. The aluminum rollers with steel ball bearings integrated in the housing are highly resilient and very smooth-running.

Floor Rollers

This simple and inexpensive system is suitable for small mesh panel with loads under 500kilos.  However, the floor should be as flat and level as possible. The rollers have a steel ball bearing and a rubber tread for smooth operation on concrete and  timber floors.

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