Hanging A Canvas

Hanging and alternating regularly

Do you alternate your wall decorations on a regular basis, and do you often have a nice photo printed on canvas, wood or Forex, for example? Do you ever have trouble deciding on the best way to hang one of these photos? We offer several solutions, depending on your particular needs and preferences. If you regularly alternate your wall decorations, we recommend using flexible picture hanging system. You only have to mount the railing on the wall or ceiling once, and then you have a flexible way to hang your wall decorations using cords and hooks. Never drill unnecessary holes or fill them again; your walls remain undamaged. A few ideal hanging systems include the Artiteq Click Rail, Contour Rail or Up Rail.

Hanging A Canvas, Acrylic Plate Or Dibond Without A Hanging Rail

There are also other hanging systems that don’t use a rail. These hanging systems are mounted separately to the wall. Display It Solo Set is a hanging system that allows you to display acrylic plates and Dibond in a neat, safe way on the wall. The Uniq Hanger offers an easy way to hang a canvas on the wall. We also offer accessories for using with the canvas, Dibond or acrylic plate; view all products in Frame Accessories.

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Hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily


No more damaged walls


Suitable for a variety of wall decorations

Strong & Reliable

Long life cycle (10 year warranty)