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Spring Schedule: Our Pick Of Must-see Exhibitions In Sydney Over The Spring Season

Have you ever been at a gallery or museum, perusing the incredible installations and interactive exhibits when your hearing is repeatedly disrupted by the reverberating noises bouncing around from wall to wall? The hard surfaces that encompass large open gallery spaces are the cause.

It’s OK, Art Hanging Systems hears you!

Galleries all over the world are faced with the same problems when it comes to the acoustic make up of their exhibition spaces. The way sounds bounce and travel all over the room can leave attendees leaving with critiques extending beyond the art on the walls.

Fixing such problems can be costly. Sound engineers, acoustic experts, egg cartons – where does it end?

Mila Wall, a brand of modular gallery wall products distributed by Art Hanging Systems, have recently developed an ingenious solution to the thrum of the busy gallery. By creating a surface that noticeably dampens the reverberation in a room and combining it with their patented connection technology, galleries can now reduce the impact noisy patrons have on the overall atmosphere.

Proving popular in museums and galleries, the Mila-wall Acoustic is becoming a permanent fixture for temporary gallery spaces all over Europe.

Art Hanging Systems is the exclusive distributor of the Mila-wall system in Australia, offering purchase, installation, consultation and hiring of the remarkable modular wall system.

Call James to discuss how we can help.

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