Summer Diy Art Hanging Projects

Summer Diy Art Hanging Projects

Christmas and New Years are two sides of the same festive coin. On one hand you are winding down from a fast paced and hectic race to the holidays, getting the chance to spend time with friends and family. Then, on the other you are celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

This time of year is when most people make their obligatory New Year’s resolutions, usually the kind of things that lose steam after one or two weeks, if not days.

Why not make a resolution that will last longer than a few weeks, leave you with a sense of achievement, and have your home looking better and more stylish than you thought possible without having to break your budget or your back.

Get ready for your summer DIY art hanging project.

You may have just started collecting art, have recently purchased a new piece from a gallery or auction house, or may have created your own and now want to put it on display for everyone to see and admire.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to hanging artwork, aside from where to hang it, is how to hang it. The traditional method of using hooks, either screw-in or adhesive, will always have the same problem, scalability. If you decide to change the artwork, and want to avoid leaving or creating more holes in your wall, or have paint torn off, you will need to find a painting with exact or similar dimensions as the one it is replacing.

Art Hanging Systems has a variety of solutions that will enable you to change and rearrange as often as you like, effortlessly, while keeping with the aesthetics of your décor.

The first two systems are the Click Rail and Click Rail Pro. Both are wall-mounted systems able to hold 30kgs (per metre) and 50kgs (per metre) respectively. The Click Rail is available in Off-White, Vivid White Primer (can be painted to match walls and décor) and Brushed Aluminium, while the Click Rail Pro is available in Vivid White Primer and Brushed Aluminium. Both are available in 200cm and 300cm lengths and you can choose from either the nylon or steel hanger kits, which come in 200cm lengths as standard.

Another of our wall-hanging systems is the Combi Rail. Although similar in many ways to the Click Rail and Click Rail Pro in installation, colour choice and weight capacity (50kg per metre), the unique difference is the installed flexible lighting system. Perfect for those that want to capture the ambience of a traditional art gallery display, or just want to showcase and highlight their art.

For areas where there is little room and the pieces will be sized accordingly, we have our Contour Rail system. Measuring 12.5mm thick and 12.5mm tall, it can support up to 20kg per metre and is available in Vivid White Primer as well as Brushed Aluminium, so you can coordinate or add an industrial styling element to the area.

If you want to incorporate a different design element in to how you display your art, there is our ceiling mounted Top Rail system. Available in White, Black and Aluminium, this system can be mounted on to the wooden side strip of a recessed ceiling, or directly in to a concrete ceiling. The Top Rail is virtually invisible and will give the impression your art appears to hang directly from the ceiling.

One of the main benefits of the above systems is flexibility.

The rail systems and hanger kits give you full-control over where you hang your art, how much you want to display and what heights you want them displayed, allowing you to be as creative as the work you are showcasing. The other benefit is it being a DIY project, which not only means you can save money, but also create a sense of achievement.

If you have any questions regarding the right system for your home, feel free to call 1800 278 426. You can also email us at or fill out our online enquiry form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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