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The National: Don’t Miss This One

What are some of the greatest collaborations you know of?

Scorsese, Pacino, De Niro and Pesce?

Basquiat and Warhol?

Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty?

Page and Brin?

Chicken and bacon?

Indeed, throughout history there have been alliances of epic proportions, some so great that their legacies will thrive for centuries to come. It is with this highly dramatized introduction that we now take your attention to The National. Bringing together the curatorial brute of three of Sydney’s most revered cultural institutions, Museum of Contemporary ArtArt Gallery of NSW and Carriageworks, The National: New Australian Art will present the latest and most interesting ideas and works in contemporary Australian art.

The exhibition, currently on display across all three locations is part of a six-year intiative to bring emerging, mid-career and established artists further into the public view.

The multitude of locations and sheer volume of works can only dictate that this event is not one to be missed. Whilst many events focus on the magnetic attraction that international artists can bring, we often forget the incredible talents that have come from our own shores. What separates The National from previous events is the synergetic effort from three of Sydney’s heavyweight establishments, each bringing their own characteristic to the curation. Five curators, namely, Anneke Jaspers and Wayne Tunicliffe from the AGNSW, Lisa Havilah and Nina Miall from the Carriageworks and Blair French from the MCA spent a considerable amount of time visiting the studios, galleries and workspaces of artists across the country to select and even commission paintings, images, series and installations to make up the mammoth venture.

The result is some 49 artists selected to display their works across the three institutions. The final split, as detailed on their respective websites looks like this:

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Artists: Khadim AliZanny BeggMatthew BradleyGary CarsleyErin CoatesMarco FusinatoAlex GawronskiAgatha Gothe-SnapeJulie GoughGordon HookeyPeter MaloneyKaren MillsRose NolanStieg PerssonElizabeth PulieRonnie van Hout, Nell

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Artists: Gordon BennettMegan CopeKeg de SouzaEmily FloydAlex GawronskiGunybi GanambarrAgatha Gothe-SnapeDale HardingTaloi HaviniHelen JohnsonNicholas ManganAlex Martinis RoeTom NicholsonRaquel OrmellaKhaled SabsabiYhonnie Scarce, Tiger Yaltangki


Artists: Richard BellChris Bond & Wes ThorneKarla DickensAtlanta Eke & Ghenoa GelaHeath FrancoAgatha Gothe-SnapeAlex GawronskiAlan GriffithsJess Johnson & Simon WardRichard LewerArchie MooreClaudia NicholsonRamesh Mario NithiyendranJustene WilliamsJemima Wyman

If you’re still sitting on this page and not immersing yourself in this treasure trove of creatives, we can only encourage you to physically experience the incredible selection of talents! With such an eclectic mix and range of expression, The National: New Australian Art is a truly exciting event for the people of Sydney and further beyond.

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