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When Art Storage doubles as a Showroom

Founded in 2019, the Gallery WOS in Zurich Switzerland was looking for an art storage solution for its expanding collection. Being a fairly new gallery they were ready to consolidate their art storage collections from different buildings into one location. The aim was to find a place where a showroom, art storage and office could be combined.

ArtStore Solutions

In order to meet the gallery’s requirements, the compact art storage rail system was used. This meant that the flexible system was able to be adapted to the different sizes of artwork still maintaining a professional and modern design.  With the ability to add on and expand each module as required, the installation was straight forward and fast process.

The frame of the compact system has height-adjustable feet and lateral guide rollers at the top, for safe and easy operation.

Curator & Collector's Showroom

As well as consolidating the collection into one art storage space, the solution doubled into a curator and collector’s showroom. With the ease of showing customers through the archive with the simple and quick operation of the system.

art storage at WOS gallery Zurich

Technical Specifications

Construction year: 2022
System: ArtGallery compact System
Number of grid extensions: 74 pieces
Grid height: 2200mm
Grid length: 2635mm
hanging surface: 858m2 _
Drawing of art storage compact basic system
The basic module of the ArtGallery compact storage system.

Art Storage for Galleries Museums and Collectors

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