Hanging Photos

Hanging system for displaying photos

Framed  Photographic prints are easily hung by Artiteq  hanging systems. Just the same as canvas stretchers and framed artworks. Any artwork rigid across the top edge of the work can be suspended from hanging system… 

Our “Display It”  range creates a formal layout option with the flexibility to slip photographs into acrylic holders easily. This achieves a great display without the expense of framing your photos.

Do you often have your photos printed out, and are you looking for a handy, original way to display them? Or do you love to hang photos in different size frames on the wall? Would you like to hang photos in the form of a photo wall in your home or office? An Artiteq photo hanging system offers plenty of solutions for all these situations. Hanging photo frames is very easy when you use a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks. You can hang a photo frame in seconds, and you always have the flexibility to change the frames on the wall, or add new ones.

Photo Hanging System Without A Rail

You can also hang photos without a rail by using a stand-alone hanging system. Picture Mouse Solo is just such a handy photo hanging system. Using transparent clips or magnets, it’s easy to display photos in an original way. Using the Uniq Hanger photo hanging system, your photo frame becomes a beautiful, sleek addition to your wall. The Display It system gives you a great way to create your own photo wall at home or the office. Info Rail is a ideal display system for hanging photos.

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